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Do You Need HVAC Servicing? How To Spot The Signs

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Some people are less attentive to the status of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units. They only think about their unit once it faces some issues. One step they might take to address this case is to replace their HVAC unit with a new one. However, it makes more sense that purchasing a new unit is costly.

It’s not advisable to constantly buy a new HVAC unit, even though you can replace it with another high-quality one. Generally, it’s ideal to seek help servicing the unit whenever it has issues.

You can hire an HVAC contractor to repair and maintain your unit. This way, you can keep the humidity and temperature levels within your commercial or residential property. It also ensures that the air quality is clean.

If you’re wondering whether you need to service your HVAC unit, look no further, as this article will tackle some signs you may need to do so.

1. Weak Airflow

Sometimes, people turn on the HVAC and find it doesn’t produce cool or warm air like before. One may also notice at certain times that its flow is weaker than usual. This shouldn’t be the case. For one, it can become problematic for the HVAC to work correctly. Motor failure can also occur because of it.

If you notice poor airflow from your HVAC, know it can originate from various issues. One possible reason is that the compressor isn’t working correctly. It can also be that ductwork is leaky, the filters are clogged, or the condenser is blocked.

When these problems occur, hiring an HVAC service in Fairfax station or other areas is ideal. They have the experience and knowledge to examine this problem. These professionals can also advise on the right step to take.

2. Higher Energy Bills

You likely use your HVAC unit constantly during winter or summer. If that’s the case, having a higher energy bill is typical during those times. Yet, if your bill is more expensive than before, one reason might be that your unit isn’t working correctly.

There are three reasons why the energy bill is higher because of your HVAC:

  • Falling parts
  • Dirty air filter
  • Duct leaks

There are ways you can apply if you want to lower your energy costs while waiting for HVAC servicing. The first step is to ensure the property is adequately insulated. Turning off electronics when you’re not using them also helps.

3. Unusual Noise Or Smell

If you have used your HVAC unit for a long time, then you know how it sounds. On the other hand, it’s possible to hear unfamiliar sounds like whistling, banging, buzzing, and grinding. These unusual noises might originate from obstructions and loose parts. It may also indicate that the units are close to experiencing mechanical failure.

Another potential HVAC problem is when it has an unusual smell. It’s possible to notice a musty or burning odor from the unit’s vents. There is one reason why it may be so. In some cases, mildew and mold may have accumulated in the vents. A short circuit might be another reason for an unusual electrical smell.

These are two good indicators that it’s time to have your unit checked. A contractor will inspect the HVAC and conduct proper repair and maintenance. This way, the unit’s lifespan may be extended.

4. Constant Issues And Repairs

There are times when your HVAC unit faces constant issues that, even when repaired, still happen over and over again. If you have to deal with this challenge, it’s a sign that your HVAC is already old. Thus, it’s ideal to conduct servicing. The HVAC contractor can assess the unit and ensure they will fix the issue.

Conducting simple repairs and implementing some adjustments might be enough to fix the HVAC. Yet, there are also certain moments when a total replacement is a path forward. This can be more convenient and helps you to save money and time.

5. Frequent Adjustments Of The Thermostat

Your HVAC unit often relies on the thermostat to work correctly. This device is the one that keeps the proper temperature in your space. When there are adjustments in temperature, the thermostat will be the one to send electrical signals, so the temperature will be the way it should be.

There are times when the problem is the thermostat itself. One cause might be that the heat anticipator is stuck, especially if it’s a mechanical thermostat. Likewise, other reasons why the thermostat is not working correctly are:

  • Damaged Sensors: If the thermostat’s sensors are damaged, it can lead to lower or higher readout that differs from the average temperature during specific periods.
  • Dirty Sensors: The thermostat can’t signal the HVAC to set the correct temperature if its housing gathers dirt, dust, or lint. Thus, removing the cover and using a soft-bristled brush to clean the thermostat’s parts is right.
  • Wrong Thermostat Location: If the thermostat is exposed to the air vent’s heat, sunlight, or an old window’s drafts, you might need to relocate the device to have a more precise temperature reading.

Sooner or later, you might need to service the HVAC unit if you want someone to address these potential issues. Yet, there are times when it’s better to replace the old thermostat if the problem is unsolvable.

You can also take proactive measures to ensure the optimal performance of your HVAC system. You can change the air filters regularly, keep the outdoor unit clear at all times, check the thermostat, and schedule regular HVAC servicing appointments.

Wrapping Up

A well-maintained HVAC unit can maintain proper temperature, air quality, and humidity within your property. But there can be times when it will not work as it should. If you notice any signs indicating your HVAC system needs servicing, such as weak airflow, higher energy bills, strange noise or smell, constant repairs, and an unstable thermostat, contact a qualified HVAC technician as soon as possible.

Ultimately, regular HVAC servicing can help ensure optimal performance, lower energy bills, and provide your family with a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Written by Marcus Richards

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